Andlig kurs i Hällsjö utanför Skultuna

Welcome to an International spiritual course with Simone Rüegsegger, Ann-Marie Alvarsdotter and Ulla Alvarsdotter!

The course is held at the Edens Gardens coursecentre, which is located in an absolutely stunningly beautiful location, in a quiet and secluded environment in the middle of nature,
It is found in Hällsjö, just outside Skultuna, about 140 km northwest of Stockholm.

During the course week, Ann-Marie Alvarsdotter will lead you to take part in the healing power of nature by meeting natural beings, communicating with trees, drum meditation and, if you wish, building your own drum (extra option).

I, Ulla Alvarsdotter, give you the opportunity to experience healing based on the frequencies and shades of colors, where we use our intuition and intention and to take part in the magical world of colors based on several different healing methods.

Simone Rüegsegger (Switzerland) teaches you to communicate with the spirit world, deepen your awareness and also gives you structure and depth to what you feel and experience.

All three of us work freely and without requirements, no prior knowledge is needed.

You can book all 10 days including "Build your own drum" (max 5 participants) or 8 days from Sunday 26 of May without drum building (max 10 participants, feel free to bring your own drum if you have one).
You can also join us for just one day if you want.

If you want more information, please send an email to: info@beeyond.se
or call me on the phone: 070-656 60 46 and you will get everything you need!


May 24th 10:00am - June 2nd 05:00pm


Edens Garden, Hällsjö, Skultuna

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Norra Dorkarbyvägen 9B
815 96 Strömsbergs Bruk


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