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Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies, the researchers have come up with. Materialistic things like chairs, tables and stones vibrates at a low frequency. Electricity, air and thoughts vibrate at a high frequency. Healing energy is a powerful healing energy which itself vibrates at different high frequencies.

A general definition of healing is all the positive things we do, say or think. A loving touch, a kind word, a smile or active listening is very much healing.
Healing energy is considered a very strong love energy that activates the body´s healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It increases blood supply, can relieve pain and also dissolve blockages of energy that prevents the body's own healing. It strengthens the healing power and our own life force.

All people who have compassion, empathy and love and who care about others can give healing. By attuning with compassion and love the healer opens up for the loving energy. Healing is a gift to all people on this earth, no matter what race or what religion they belong to.

There are various methods of healing, it is common to all healing is that it balances and harmonizes the energies that are out of balance no matter what frequency they work on. Some healing methods such as Reiki are focused on the entire physical body. Reiki energies are 'slow' energies in relation to, for example, Theta healing that works at a higher frequency and is much faster and lighter. Healing methods have evolved from each other or they have been mixed together.
Healing is thus an umbrella term for a wide range of tried and tested techniques that help the body to their own healing. Many methods contain symbols, rituals and rules that can be a limitation for the execution and healing. Many healers and clients need a system to perform healing / receive healing. It can feel safe when they have the methods and frameworks that form the basis for treatment.

The optimum is to be completely open as channel / healer and to communicate the mind / body to the healing energy fully, without a special method. The more the healer has worked on himself emotionally and releasing blockages and fears, the purer and stronger the healing energy is.

A healing treatment usually provides a pleasant mental and emotional experience. The client feels happier, lighter and feels like they have more energy. After a healing session the setbacks will be easier to overcome and the client can see more opportunities in life. Healing simply gives more life energy that provides mental, emotional and physical healing. It is not always we understand what happens during a healing session, it is not necessary. As healing takes place on many different levels, it is impossible for man to perceive the whole healing process.

Healing does not replace medical treatment but should be seen as complementary. Anyone who gives healing makes no diagnoses, suggest or perform any medical treatment. A prolonged imbalance in the body often requires multiple treatments for the body to reach the level of relaxation that is necessary to return to its natural balance.

There is often talking about three basic moves in healing: contact healing, distance healing and trance healing.

Contact Healing

Healing with physical contact is an ancient form of healing. Contact Healing characterized by the healer transfers energy to the receiver through the laying on of hands (or hold their hands a few dm outside the physical body). Being a healer means that as much as possible to let go of his own thought, opening up to healing energy and stay in his own inner harmony. Then create healer opportunity for healing energy to flow through the body / mind as a channel and thus transmitted to the receiver via healer's hands. After contact healing healer can feel the energy transfer as heat, vibration, or a tingling sensation in the hands. The receiver has often an experience of peace, tranquility and harmony - a nice relaxing feeling. The treatment can be done lying down, sitting or standing, with the clothes on.

Distance Healing

Distance healing means that the healer and the receiver are on physical distance from each other. It can vary between a few meters and several thousand miles. Since everything is energy and distance healing is sent with the power of thought, is broadcast instantly.
There are different ways to send distance healing. Most importantly is the intention to send positive energy to the receiver. Healer, for example, 'think' that positive loving energy flows to the receiver. It is also possible to focus a bright light on the receiver or to let the receiver be located in the middle of a heart. Every healer has their own special way and everything is 'right' when the intent is positive and filled with love and light.

Trance Healing

Trance healing is a passive process, in contrast to the active process in contact healing. Specific healing energies are directed where it is most needed in the receiver. It is a very natural process that can affect people on many levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
The starting point of this process is that healing energy can flow through the mind and the aura of an individual (healer) to another (the receiver). The human brain contains the mind and in the human mind, there are three levels of consciousness: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and super consciousness mind (which is part of our mind beyond intellect). By using the power of thought, the healer goes to the edge of the ultimate super-consciousness mind. Then the healer is building a channel with spiritual counselors who work with the loving healing energy through the healer to the recipient. Healer is under trance healing treatment mentally completely outside the healing process. Therefore, the trance healing is the simple and most effective method, because the healer is totally without mental involvement in the healing process.


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